Don't Attempt This Tricky Trivia Quiz Unless You're A Legitimate Nerd

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Are you a legitimate trivia nerd?

This tricky trivia quiz will test your general knowledge skills. Are you a legitimate nerd because if not, good luck!

 Jun 25, 2021

1 of 18Pick One:

Who was born first?
Isaac Newton
Albert Einstein
Galileo Galilei

2 of 18Pick One:

The first movie was filmed in the _______.
Nineteenth Century
Twentieth Century
Twenty-first Century

3 of 18Pick One:

Which of the following superheroes does NOT have an alliterative real name?
The Hulk

4 of 18Pick One:

The line "To boldly go where no man has gone before" is from what classic nerd show?
Hey Arnold
Star Trek
Happy Days

5 of 18Pick One:

What's the name of the alternate dimension in the show Stranger Things?
Electric Avenue
The Upside Down

6 of 18Pick One:

Game of Thrones takes place in what fictional continent?

7 of 18Pick One:

What's the name of Richard Branson's space exploration company?
Virgin Galactic
Virgin Mobile

8 of 18Pick One:

Which superhero had the first movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Captain America
Iron Man

9 of 18Pick One:

Who coined the term "nerd"?
Dr. Seuss
Albert Einstein
George Washington

10 of 18Pick One:

Which of the following superheroes does NOT have a nerdy alter ego?

11 of 18Pick One:

Who said "That's one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind"?
Elon Musk
Tony Stark
Neil Armstrong

12 of 18Pick One:

What is the study of weather called?

13 of 18Pick One:

Who is Super Mario's brother?

14 of 18Pick One:

Super Mario first appeared in what video game?
Donkey Kong
Mario Kart
Super Smash Brothers

15 of 18Pick One:

Who is known as the "mad monk" in Russia?
Tony Shalhoub
Grigori Rasputin
Pope Benedict

16 of 18Pick One:

What is Michael Cera's character's name in the TV show Arrested Development?
George Michael
Michael Cerano
Poindexter Michaelbaum

17 of 18Pick One:

Who are known as the "First Family" of Marvel comics?
Fantastic Four
The Defenders

18 of 18Pick One:

What is our solar system's coldest planet?
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