This Quiz Is A Piece of Cake If You Love Classic Literature

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Can you prove you love classic literature?

Do you love classic literature? If so, this quiz will test your general knowledge about classic literature.

 Jun 28, 2021

1 of 18Pick One:

Pride and Prejudice was written by ___.
Jane Austen
Sylvia Plath
Jane Goodall

2 of 18Pick One:

Who wrote the famous opening line, "It was the best of times, it was the worse of times"?
Charles Dickens
Mark Twain
Franz Kafka

3 of 18Pick One:

In Franz Kafka's novel "The Metamorphosis," the main character ___.
Falls inlove.
Is transformed into a bug.
Goes to prison for murder.

4 of 18Pick One:

When something resembles the book 1984, it's ___.

5 of 18Pick One:

Who's the narrator of Moby Dick?
Captain Nemo

6 of 18Pick One:

What's the name of Tom Sawyer's best friend?
Huckleberry Finn
Rodoin Raskolnikov
Mark Twain

7 of 18Pick One:

Who wrote Crime and Punishment?
Fyodor Dostoevsky
George Washington
Sonny Chiba

8 of 18Pick One:

The Great Gatsby takes place during what historical period?
The Roaring 1920s
The Vietnam War
The Civil War

9 of 18Pick One:

Which of the following characters is NOT in To Kill A Mockingbird?
Boo Radley
Atticus Finch
Holden Caulfield

10 of 18Pick One:

The book Animal Farm is about ___.
A prison
A hospital
Farm animals

11 of 18Pick One:

Who wrote Frankenstein?
Charles Dickens
Oscar Wilde
Mary Shelley

12 of 18Pick One:

In Brave New World, everyone takes a drug called ___.

13 of 18Pick One:

The Hobbit takes place in a mystical land called ___.
San Bernardino

14 of 18Pick One:

Lord of the Flies is about a bunch of kids trapped ___.
In an earthquake
On an island
In a prison

15 of 18Pick One:

What is the sequel to Homer's Iliad?
Oedipus Rex

16 of 18Pick One:

Which of the following was NOT written by William Shakespeare?
King Lear
The Maltese Falcon
Romeo and Juliet

17 of 18Pick One:

Which bird did Edgar Allen Poe famously write about?

18 of 18Pick One:

Holden Caulfield is the main character of ___.
Little Women
Love and Peace
The Catcher in the Rye
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