Quiz: Only A Greenthumb Can Name All These Plants. Can You?

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How green is your thumb?

Take this fun and challenging quiz about plants and see if you can name them just by looking at one picture!

 May 20, 2018
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Plants are everywhere! You can always find them, whether you are in the country, in the suburbs, or in the cities. People keep beautiful plants in their homes to make them brighter and livelier. People also like to keep a garden in their yards outside, too. Flower gardens and vegetable gardens can be found just about anywhere. There are some plants for purely aesthetic reasons, and there are some plants that have more than one use! Take the Aloe Vera plant. Not only is it pleasing to look at, but it has healing properties as well! If you cut off one of its leaves, you can apply the substance inside it to the sunburn you got from being outside in your garden too long! The sunflower is a beautiful flower that can be admired and eaten. The sunflower seeds can be a delicious snack! How many plants do you know? Do you know what Lilacs look like? What about Lilies and Lady Slippers? How about less common flowers like the Titan Arum? There are so many other plants that aren't considered flowers, too! Can you describe what a fern looks like? Do you know what moss is? Test your knowledge of plants and give this quiz a try! It will ask you to look at an image of a plant and name it! See how many plants you can name just by looking at a picture of them! Only someone with a very big green thumb will be able to get all of these questions right.

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