Quiz: Millennials Rarely Pass This Old School Music Test. Can You?

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Don't stop believin' in yourself!

Challenge yourself by taking this difficult quiz about old school music that millennials won't know anything about.

 Mar 10, 2018
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"Bohemian Rhapsody" is sung by which British group?
Bee Gees
Led Zeppelin
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Who is referred to as the king of pop?
George Michael
Michael Jackson
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"You can dance, You can jive, Having the time of your life" are lyrics from _______.
"The Macarena"
"Dancing Queen"
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Who was known as the "Fab Four from Liverpool"?
Rolling Stones
The Beatles
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"Stairway to Heaven" is a classic rock track by which band?
The Styx
Led Zeppelin
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Which of these is NOT a song by Simon and Garfunkel?
The Sound of Silence
Maggie May
Mrs. Robinson
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Who sang the 1987 hit, "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"?
Celine Dion
Whitney Houston
Janet Jackson
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Which of these artists would you describe as "Motown"?
Snoop Dogg
Marvin Gaye
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Who sang "Mustang Sally"?
Tina Turner
Wilson Pickett
Elvis Presley
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"Wise men say only fools rush in" is the first line to what song?
Can't Help Falling in Love
Don't Be Cruel
Rock This Town
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Which artist sang "House Of The Rising Sun"?
The Animals
The Escorts
The Casinos
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Which of these songs did Queen sing?
Don't Stop Me Now
The Twist
The Magic Moment
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Who collaborated with Queen to sing "Under Pressure"?
David Bowie
Michael Jackson
The Police
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Finish the lyric to Bruce Springsteen's song: "I was born in the _____."
dead of winter
run down shack
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Which song did Blondie not sing?
The Tide Is High
In The Flesh
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"Once upon a time not so long ago Tommy used to work on the docks, union's been on strike" is the first line to what song?
It's My Life
Livin' On A Prayer
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Who sang "Like A Virgin"?
Whitney Houston
Tina Turner
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Elvis Presley sang which one of these songs?
The Letter
Wild Thing
Hound Dog
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"Lord have mercy, / I'm burning a hole where I lay" are lyrics to what song?
Every Breath You Take
Burning Love
Beat It
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_____ sang "Another One Bites The Dust."
Kenny Rogers
John Lennon
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