10 Ways Tonight's Episode Of Grey's Anatomy Traumatized Us


Tonight's episode was nothing short of intense and extreme.

Basically this whole episode was traumatizing.

We all know Grey's Anatomy and planes just don't mix well.

1) Meredith talking to Riggs about the plane crash...

It sure brought back some painful memories.

2) When the guy fell to the floor...

OMG. That was scary.

3) Meredith sticking a needle in someone's skull. On a moving plane.

Holy cow! That was intense. Scary stuff.

4) Pulmonary Hypertension guy...

Of course HE was the one to pass out! Whyyyyyyy

5) When the pilot announced that she could finally land the plane...

And everyone fell... while Meredith was holding the needle inside the guy's skull. Oh. My. Goodness.

6) Riggs kept pumping on hypertension guy...

Not good, not good... That was intense!

7) All of those flashbacks...

The flashbacks from the bombing and the drowning... I can't deal.

8) More flashbacks...

The flashbacks from the PLANE CRASH! Please, no.

9) The plane finally landed!

But it came with all of those emergency vehicles and lights everywhere. Too much, too much.

10) Those flashbacks of Derek... oh my heart!

Well that was just heartbreaking, now wasn't it?! Meredith and Riggs talking about Derek... "At some point ya gotta let go."

Tonight's episode was intense, to say the least. Meredith and Riggs kicked butt, though! Two of the best surgeons right there! It had a lot of traumatizing things happen, but hey, at least Riggs and Meredith are finally getting somewhere with each other right? Can't wait to see where this relationship goes!

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