10 Thoughts We All Had While Watching Grey's Last Night


New rules. New people in charge. New enemies. It's hard to keep up!

So basiclly, everyone is mad at everyone.

Maggie is mad at April. Jackson is mad at April. Warren is mad at Bailey. Well, EVERYONE is mad at Bailey. No one likes Minnick, except for Edwards. SO MUCH DRAMA.

1) Well, that was awkwarddddddddd

That showdown between Kepner and Webber. Holy smokes.

2) We'll wait for Grey too... allllllll dayyyyyy

That subtweet though. "Loyalty is so rare in this world." Yassss Maggie!

3) Look at Dr. Webber throwin' shade!

"Somewhere between then and now Dr. Bailey forgot that I knew how to teach." Daaaannnnnnggggg.

4) Minnick, puhhhleasssee stop!

Seriously, Minnick is on my LAST nerve. Either go home or learn to make some friends. It's really not that hard.

5) Ugh, c'mon now. Did the little boy HAVE to die?!

When dramatic music starts playing, we know what that means.... all. the. tears.

6) Real Talk, Arizona!

Okay, so we can all agree that Minnick ISN'T our favorite person.... buttttt I did feel bad for her here. And look at Arizona being the better person here! You go girl!

7) Webber is the BEST teacher!

Webber is literally the WISEST person ever. So caring. So thoughtful. So loving.

8) Why is Catherine being so nice?!

Catherine gives April a little pep talk and then they go to dinner together?? What is this??

Do we have some new bff's in the show?!

Robbins and Minnick, what do we have here? It looks like this could be the start of a blossoming friendship. Well, maybe...

10) Sooooooo where is Meredith?!

Wherefore Art Thou Meredith?! We didn't see Meredith OR Alex this episode. Such a let down.

So, Meredith and Alex need to come back so they can straighten out this mess. Maybe people will actually start to get along again. We shall see....

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