10 Thoughts Every True Grey's Anatomy Fan Had At Some Point Tonight


Relationships, Emotions, and Non-Relationships... oh my!

Tonight's Episode Had Our Emotions Running High!

Tonight's episode included lots of drama between Meredith and Maggie, as well as Catherine and Webber. Plus, a crazy case and a really sad one.

1. Those worms...

O.M.G. ew!

2. April and Bailey's mission! Yasss!

"Great. Great! What's the plan?!" April helping Bailey with Richard and Catherine's relationship is gold!

3. Richard, Richard, Richard...

April and Webber's little banter in the OR. That was quite entertaining, but a little sad too. Can Webber and Catherine just get back together already?!

4. Maggie and Meredith's moment in the closet...

"I didn't want to hurt you. And Nathan didn't want to hurt you." "You were all I had left." wahhhhhhh :(

5. When Veronica sends Jeremy away with the baby...

"Go on, you stay with him." brb, crying.

6. Hahaha Bailey!

"It's because I'm usually right. And they're wrong. And it's hard for them." Preach, Bailey!

7. When Veronica dies...

Cue the tears. "Please just hold me." Dang, that cut right through the heart.

8. Dennis came back!!

I repeat, Dennis came back!! And he brought all of his little nicknames for Mary with him! Yessss!

9. Yasss Bailey!!

Her little conversation with Catherine. That was perfect!! She's a little fireball for sure! Andddd then Catherine went to talk to Webber! Yay!

10. Maggie and Meredith are sister goals.

Sure, they fight. They may hate each other sometimes. But they come back around. "I'm sure as hell not losing you over a guy." So sweet.

Tonight's episode left us wondering where Meredith's relationship with both Nathan and Maggie will go. Oh, and what about Richard's and Catherine's? Shonda Rhimes always keeps us in suspense, doesn't she?

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