catholic Quizzes

*Catholic Lingo* [It's A Thing] Do YOU Know The Meaning Of These 22 Words?
Apr 19
Quiz: You'll Only Get 10/15 On This Test If You Grew Up Roman Catholic
Mar 29
Quiz: You Didn’t Need To Go To Catholic School To Pass, But It Would Help!
Mar 06
Only Someone Who Has Set Their Eyes On Jesus Will Pass This Catholic Quiz
Feb 12
Prove The Good News Never Gets Old With This Catholic Quiz
Jan 17
Your Catholic Guilt Might Kick In If You Score Less Than 100% On This Test
Jan 10
Catholics, We Bet You Can't Ace This Ultimate Methodist Quiz. Can You?
Oct 22
Christians, We Bet You Can't Ace This Ultimate Catholic Quiz. Can You?
Oct 17
If You Fail This Catholic Quiz, We're Sending You Straight To Confession
Oct 10
Do You Know The Meaning of These 22 Catholic Words That All Priests Use?
Sep 30
Deacon, Bishop, Or Pope? Who Would YOU Be In The Catholic Church?
Sep 29
Quiz: Only A Devout Catholic Will Answer These 16 Questions To Perfection
Sep 22
Quiz: Is Your Catholic Faith Strong Enough To Score You 100% On This Test?
Sep 15
Quiz: Can You Answer 20 Questions That All Good Catholics Should Know?
Sep 05
This Religion Test Will Separate The Devout Catholics From The Chreasters
Aug 16
Quiz: Are You a Proud Enough Catholic to Score 100% on This Religious Test?
Aug 14
Quiz: Are You Roman Catholic Enough to Answer These Religious Qs Correctly?
Aug 13
Quiz: Only 1 in 50 Catholics Can Ace This Religious Test. Can You?
Jul 26
Quiz: Are Your Catholic Roots Deep Enough to Score You 100% on This Test?
Jul 24
Quiz: You'll Only Pass This Bible Challenge If Catholicism Is in Your DNA
Jul 12
Quiz: You'll Only Pass This Religious Test, If You Went to Catholic School
Jul 11
Quiz: Only a True Irish Catholic Can Define These 18 Words. Can You?
Jul 07
Quiz: Only True Catholics Can Spell All These Religious Words. Can You?
Jul 02
Quiz: What % Catholic Are You
Jun 19
Catholic IQ Test: How Well Do You Really Know Your Religion?
Jun 04
Quiz: You'll Only Pass This Catholic Quiz If You Attended CCD
May 31
Only The Most Devout Catholics Can Ace This Catholic History Quiz. Can You?
May 31
Are Your Irish Catholic Roots Deep Enough To Get You Through This Quiz?
May 27
Quiz: Can You Pass This Ultimate Catholic Test Without Committing A Sin?
May 26
Quiz: This 25 Question Catholic Drill Will Reveal Your Holiness Score
May 09
Quiz: Could A Catholic Outsmart This Protestant IQ Test?
Apr 28
Quiz: No Southern Baptist Will Be Able To Pass This Catholic Trivia Quiz
Apr 24
Quiz: Can You Pass This Catholic School Entrance Exam?
Apr 19
Quiz: How Much Do You Actually Know About Catholic History?
Apr 05
Quiz: Can You Get A Perfect Score On This Catholic Confirmation Quiz?
Apr 01
Quiz: If You Don't Get 100% On This Catholic Test, You Might Be A Chreaster
Mar 25