Quiz: Only A Native Hawaiian Will Get 20/20 On This Culture Test. Can You?

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It's all about the Aloha Spirit!

Growing up Hawaii slang. How well do you know Hawaii growing up? Growing up in Hawaii. How well do you know Hawaii?

 Feb 19, 2018

1 of 20Pick your answer!

What is a "shaka"?
Hawaii hand gesture
A type of boat
A tropical fish

2 of 20Pick your answer!

"Ohana" means _______.
your family
a house

3 of 20Pick your answer!

What is a "plate lunch"?
Hurtful words
A tough situation
Any meal in a plate

4 of 20Pick your answer!

What is the "lua"?
The bedroom
The water
The bathroom

5 of 20Pick your answer!

The "Aloha Spirit" is ________.
History class
A pride in the continental U.S.
A friendly attitude of acceptance

6 of 20Pick your answer!

What's one thing all Hawaiians do when they enter a home?
Take off their shoes
Yell "Thank you!"
Do a spin

7 of 20Pick your answer!

What is hurricane popcorn?
Popcorn with Furikake and Arare
A nickname for a snow cone
Red popcorn ball

8 of 20Pick your answer!

What are "slippers"?
Sandals or flipflops
A group of tourists

9 of 20Pick your answer!

What does it mean when something is "ono"?
Cool, sweet
Silly, frivolous
Delicious, scrumptious

10 of 20Pick your answer!

What is "Zippys"?
A fish shop
A type of burger
A Hawaiian restaurant

11 of 20Pick your answer!

In the winter, where would you find the biggest waves?
The North Shore

12 of 20Pick your answer!

What popular ABC show was filmed in Hawaii?
Murder She Wrote
The OC

13 of 20Pick your answer!

_______ is the state fish.
Clown triggerfish

14 of 20Pick your answer!

If you grew up in Hawaii then you certainly listen to who?
The Beach Boys
Israel "Iz" Kamakawiwo'ole
Lionel Richie

15 of 20Pick your answer!

How many main islands are there in the state?

16 of 20Pick your answer!

Hawaii is the only state that does what?
Grows coffee
Grows oranges
Grows bananas

17 of 20Pick your answer!

What event occurred in Hawaii aka "a date which will live in infamy".
The Battle of Dunkirk
Battle of Midway
Pearl Harbor

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Under-sea ________ erupted thousands of years ago and formed the islands of Hawaii.

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Hawaii was the _______ state to be admitted into the union.

20 of 20Pick your answer!

Hawaii does not follow day-light savings time.
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