Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This Slang Test You Must Be From Connecticut

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Nutmeggers can you get this?!

Connecticut slang 101. Things that only people from Connecticut would say. How well do you know Connecticut phrases?

 Aug 25, 2017
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If you're going on a "packy run," what are you going to buy?
Take out food
Office Supplies
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What is Toad's?
A lake
A small but historic night club
A place to get a grinder
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Where is there ALWAYS traffic?
The Sound
The Merritt
New Haven
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What is a "U-ey"?
The perfect spot to get icecream
A U-turn
The rodeo
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What do you call someone from Connecticut?
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What is Stew Leonard associated with?
The Catholic Church
Soft serve ice cream
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What does everyone call Cumberland Farms?
The Farms
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"Dunk's" is a nickname for...
It's a concert venue
Dunkin Donuts
It means going to the lake
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Connecticut’s most popularly used unofficial nickname is the ____ State.
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If someone mentions "the Sound", they are referring to what?
A large body of water
The class clown
A famous singing group
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"Apizza" is _______.
the best place to get pizza in New Haven
a distant cousin
a person who hates pizza
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What is a "grinder"?
The beach
A sandwich/hoagie
A garden tool
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What do you call a garage sale in Connecticut?
front yard sale
secondhand sale
a tag sale
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If you're looking for the best fast-food in the state where you can get breakfast all day, go to:
Piggly Wiggly
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What is a "Nutmegger"?
A person from Connecticut
Someone who is really smart
A backpack
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