Quiz: How Well Do You Know Journalism Slang?

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The ultimate test of a reporter.

Whether you went to school for journalism or happen to be one now, take this quiz now to see how well you really know important journalist slang!

 Jul 27, 2018
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A "gazette" is another word for a _________
TV broadcast
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Define: "Bold Face"
A heavy or dark type
Being blunt during the interview
A stack of newspapers
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Define: AP Style
The sports section of the newspaper
An editing space in the newsroom
A grammar style and usage guide book for journalists
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Define: "Assignment"
A job given to a journalist by the editor
Infographics with the story
Special technology that optimizes your headline
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What is the "creative commons"?
A conference for journalists
A online tool that helps find and license photos/music/art for a story
The circulation of newspapers
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What does it mean to "bump" a story?
To add more images and video
To embellish it
To move the position or timing of a story
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What does a "copy editor" do?
They organize the layout of the paper
They design the headlines
They improve the formatting, style, and accuracy of text
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Define: "Breaking"
Newly received information
Broken information and sources
To set type or design pages
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Define: "SEO"
Search Engine Optimization
Story Edit Output
Successful Exit Outwrites
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Define: "Proof"
An enclosed area for reporters
To stop a newspaper from printing
Copy of a laid-out page ready to be corrected
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What are the "5 W's"?
Who, what, when, where, why
Wait, watch, wilt, wham, write
Washington, wild, whimsical, welt, watermelon
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What is a "direct quote"?
Using some of what the person said
Putting words in someone's mouth
Using the person's exact words or phrases
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What is a "lede"?
The opening sentence or paragraph of a news article
The end of a news article
The layout of a newspaper
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Define: "Byline"
The reporter's name printed at the beginning or end of a story
That's not a real thing
A goodbye line at the end of a story
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What is "graf" short for?
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What is a reporter's "beat"?
How hard they work on a story
A topic they typically cover
The time of day they write
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Who is known as the "Father of Modern Journalism"?
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Ron Burgundy
Walter Lippmann
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Who invented the "printing press"?
Eli Whitney
Johannes Gutenberg
Martin Luther
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