Quiz: How Well Do You Know Drama Club Slang?

movies/tv, High School Musical

You totally know what a showmance is...

Drama club kid slang. Drama lingo slang. How well do you know drama club slang? Slang from theatre drama club. Thespian slang.

 Aug 18, 2016
1 of 10What is a "call-back"?
Singin' In The Rain, Gene Kelly, movies/tv
A second audtition
Someone that has too many costumes
A type of dance booklet
2 of 10What does "typecast" mean?
broadway, new york, pop culture
When everyone gets the role they want
When you forget who someone is
Appropriating someones appearance through casting
3 of 10What does "Hell Week" refer to?
musical, theatre, broadway, Music
Finals Week
Tech Week
Script Reading Week
4 of 10When two actors are in a "showmance" it means they are _____.
spamalot, musical, theatre, Music
in a relationship that usually only goes until the end of the show
are best friends outside of theatre
singing a love song together
5 of 10What is a "cue"?
Sound of Music, Musicals, movies/tv, Music
20th Century Fox
A stage door
A writer of a play of musical
A command given to technical departments
6 of 10The "protagonist" is the _______.
West Side Story
sound guy
curtains in the middle of the stage
main character, lead
7 of 10The "pit" refers to ______.
New Line Cinema
the lower area for the orchestra pit
the backstage room
the main spotlight on stage
8 of 10If you are given the stage direction to go "downstage" that means ______.
dancing, musical, culture
towards the audience
off the curtain
away from the audience
9 of 10What is the "green room"?
Mary Poppins
A lighting kit
A room where the performers wait
A type of dance
10 of 10What is the "striking"?
musical, theatre, Music
Taking turns practicing your dance moves
Learning different accents
After the last performance, when you tear down the set and return costumes
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