Quiz: How Well Do You Know Cosplay Slang?


Are you otaku?

Cosplay slang. Cosplay lingo. Words that Cosplayers say. Things that only a Cosplayers Would say. Cosplay slang quiz.

 Jul 20, 2016
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What is a "layer"?
A style of wig
Type of elaborate cosplay
Japanese slang for cosplayer
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"Manga" is _______.
a person that dislikes comics
a detailed dress
Japanese style of comics
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What is "anime"?
Marvel comics
A quirky character
Japanese style of animation
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What is "glomping"?
A tackle-hug
Making costumes for a living
Taking pictures in your cosplay
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The term "cosplay" essentially means ______.
character love
costume play
anime only
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What is an "otaku"?
Someone that is knowledgable of a hobby (anime)
A clumsy person
A person that hates anime
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What is a "furry"?
A fan of human-like animal characters
A really talented video game player
The main character of the manga
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A "chibi" is a _______.
weapon of an anime character
costume that requires at least two people
cute kid version of an anime
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PCD stands for ________.
Post-Concert Decoration
Post-Con Depression
Pre-Con Dumping
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"Con-plague" is the when ________.
you get a rash from your costume
you use colored lights on your cosplay
you get sick because of comic-con
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