Quiz: Do You Know the Origins of Common Sayings?

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Can you figure out where these common phrases came from?

Quiz on common sayings and phrases. Origins of common phrases that we say on a daily basis. Quiz on common phrases.

 May 05, 2016
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kitten, broken leg, animals
“Break a leg” originated in what place?
The Horseraces
The Theatre
The Shippingyard
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shark, animals
“Jump the Shark” expression came from what 80’s TV show?
Happy Days
Family Ties
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hat, movies/tv
Which author created the expression "I'll eat my hat"?
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anchorman, will ferrell, movies/tv
"And that's the way it is” was said by what famous newscaster?
Brian Williams
Walter Cronkite
Peter Jennings
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beauty, books, nail polish, nails, purple nails, old book, reading, pages, read, hero, result, girl, woman
"The writing's on the wall" came from what book?
The Bible
Gone with the Wind
To Kill A Mockingbird
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fight club
20th Century Fox
Who came up with the expression "do or die"?
Henry David Thoreau
Jane Austen
Robert Burns
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"Yada, yada, yada" came from what famous television show?
The Big Bang Theory
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cigar, celebs
“Close, but no cigar” originates from winners receiving prizes from _________
a sweepstakes
their boss
the carnival
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Men in Black, movies/tv
“The kiss of death” was originally marked by what group?
Wild West Outlaws
The Italian Mafia
The Crips
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The “Rule of thumb” was used to measure things in what profession?
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