Doctor's Are Actually Recommending Parents Keep Their Kids' Teeth

Your mom's hoarding habits might actually come in handy.

Losing your first tooth is pretty much one of the pivotal moments in your childhood life. For some of us, our first time means we look forward to putting our baby tooth under the pillow and waiting for the tooth fairy to come in our sleep, and leave us a bit of mullah!

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But what do you do after you take the tooth from under the pillow? Leave it in a little jar and give it to your kid after they are an adult?

Doctors everywhere are encouraging​ parents to hang onto those teeth. It might just pay off more than the tooth fairy would ever consider giving you for your tooth.

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A new study from 2003 found that baby teeth are a rich source of stem cells. According to Doctor Melissa Conrad Stöpplert, stem cells are hugely important for the medical field. They could be used to regenerate and repair other damaged tissue, which could then help save someone's life!

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Just think, something that brought you so much joy as a little kid - getting that $1 from the Tooth Fairy - could bring someone else so much more joy. Even getting the chance to regrow heart cells, brain cells, and repair damage. Now, that's really cool.

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There's one requirement! The baby teeth have to be kept fresh!

So instead of simply keeping your kids' teeth in a box, look at other options. Store-A-Tooth, a service for parents wanting to preserve their kids' teeth, are using liquid nitrogen to help the stem cells remain intact.

Then, later on in life, your child as an adult can take the precious gift of their teeth, and ship it to their doctor.

This simple act of planning and preservation could help save a life, and it will help your kids feel they can really impact the world.

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