Cosmo Creates A "Car For Women" And The Internet Is Not Having It

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It's a brand new car with a nice "sexist" bow on top, says the internet.

During London Fashion Week this past week, Cosmo partnering with SEAT revealed to the world a new shiny product. The had hoped that this new product would have women everywhere screaming for joy, but instead it got a HUGE amount of outrage, pretty much pissing off the entire internet.

The new SEAT Mii by COSMOPOLITAN is a car specifically "made" for women. It's "fun to drive and easy to park." (Because GOD knows we need help learning how to park).

"The Mii by Cosmopolitan is being designed to meet women's daily needs," said Susanne Franz, SEAT's Global Marketing Director. "This new car goes beyond aesthetics; every element of the design has a function and a purpose. It's our most female-focused car yet, a tribute to the modern woman."

But the Twitterverse is saying, "Nope, this is not what we asked for."

This might just be a huge disaster for Cosmo PR. But with criticism already surrounding the "pink tax" and other women-focused products, let's just say women aren't willing to pay extra for a car that is purple and "cute." Let's hope Cosmo can't learn from this.

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