7 Tips to Keep Your Space Ant-Free This Summer


Summer is here and so are the ants. Here are some tips to keep the bugs away!

1. Rinse EV-ER-RY Thing!


Ants have the ability to pick up on the slightest sugar scent. Keep them at bay by making sure to wash, rinse, and put away anything sweet. Even the sugar from the rims of a soda can can attract the little buggers! So rinse all cans before you even think about putting them in the recycling!

2. Create Your Own Ant Traps


Create a paste out of Sugar, Water, and Borax. Put the mixture in a small container (like these adorable tiny Tupperware containers), poke holes in it, and leave where the ants can find it. Remove it after a few days.

3. Get Crafty with Chalk

Beyond the Mango Juice

Ordinary chalk temporarily deters ants, because it disrupts the scent trail and this will briefly stop the march of ants. Perfect job for the little ones!

4. Destroy the Colony with the Hose


After you have discovered the colony, you need to get rid of the source. Break down the colony by spraying a hose directly over the dirt. This breaks up ALL the dirt pathways. You'll have to do this a couple times to make sure the ants don't come back.

5. Cayenne Pepper + Boiling Water = Colony GONE FOR GOOD


Another trick for if you've found the colony: Boil a pot full of water, and add a tablespoon of Cayenne Pepper. Then bring the mixture outside and dump it on the colony. It kills the ants instantly and destroys their home. Hard core but effective.

6. Super-Awesome Ant Spray


To seal your house after you've identified and destroyed the source of the ants, try making an ant spray to keep them from finding you again. Mix vinegar, water, and just a few drops of dish soap into a spray bottle. Spray all areas in your house that lead to the outside-- windows and doors.

7. The Pie Tin Trick


This tip is the the most effective way to keep unwanted ant from joining your picnic. Bring foil pie tins on your picnic and place the tins under the legs of the picnic table. Create a little moat by adding water into the tins. The ants will have a very hard time crawling up the legs, over the moat, and up the table. If they do make it past this trick, I think they deserve whatever food the find.

Rinse EV-ER-RY Thing!


No go out and get those suckers! And share with your friends so they can keep their space ant-free too!

Create Your Own Ant Traps

Get Crafty with Chalk

Destroy the Colony with the Hose

Cayenne Pepper + Boiling Water = Colony GONE FOR GOOD

Super-Awesome Ant Spray

The Pie Tin Trick