5 Quick and Easy Methods To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

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They are gnat welcome!

1. Paper Funnel Method


Choose a tall jar, wine bottle or vase to serve as your base.


Add a fruit bait mixture to the bottom of the vase. Fruit flies are mostly attracted to sugary fruit, but any rotten fruit will do. Add fruit, fruit juice, honey, and apple cider vinegar to the jar. Fill the jar about halfway.


Roll a piece of paper to create a funnel. The small hole goes into the jar and the large end at the top. The fruit flies will be able to enter the jar, but will NOT be able to get out. AKA: trapped!


Set out the trap and wait a good 24 hours.


Kill the flies in the trap. Once you've set out the contraption for long enough, add a mixture of warm water and dish soap into the jar. After waiting a minute or two, this mixture should kill the flies in the trap,.

Repeat until the trap is empty! Keep going through these steps until you notice there are fewer and fewer fruit flies!

2. The Fruit Fly Bowl Trapper Method


Get a large or medium bowl


Add sweet bait to the bottom of the bowl. This could be anything from a piece of chopped up old fruit and balsamic vinegar, white wine and coriander, of a mix of honey, sugar and balsamic vinegar.


Cover the bowl tightly with plastic wrap. Make sure to get a large sheet to completely cover the top of the bowl, and make sure it is as tight as possible.


Poke tiny holes with a fork through the plastic wrap. Make sure the holes aren't TOO big, just big enough for the fruit fly to get it. Experiment with a plastic fork or toothpick to get the perfect size.

Set out the trap overnight. In the morning the flies should be good and trapped.

Kill the little buggers. Take the plastic wrap off, and kill the flies by again pouring in a mix of warm water and soap. Wait a minute or two, then dump away the mixture!

3. Kill Them With Spray Method


Make your own fruit fly spray. by filling a mist spray bottle with 70% rubbing alcohol. Spray on any hovering fruit flies. You can also use this spray in the air to saturate any eggs. Windex can also be used to kill fruit flies!

4. Kill Them At the Source Method


First step here is to figure out where they are breed. Usually they lay their eggs in places the provide moisture. Cleaning out your fruit bowls and bags is the first step. Then try looking in your compost. Also check your garbage cans and recyclables to see if they are laying eggs in sticky, unsuspecting spots.


Wash and spray! Take a look at all the sources in your kitchen and clean them ALL. Use your rubbing alcohol spray as well as soapy water to wash and clear everything.

5. Fruit-Fly Proof Your Home Method


Inspect your home on the reg. Watching and keeping an eye on your fruit could be a HUGE help in making sure the flies don't come back. Wash your fresh fruit before placing it in the bowl, and make sure to throw out any fruit that gets a little too ripe.


Deter flies from coming back with essential oils. Essential oils won't kill the flies, but they will keep them from accumulating. Sprits an essential oil spray in your home and kitchen, especially near the sink and trash can. This will keep them from wanting to return.


What's your method of keeping the flies away?

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