2 Rescued Elephants Act Like Kids Taking Their First Bath

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There's nothing better than bathtime!

Is there anything better than a bath at the end of a long day? You can just dunk all your worries away and feel good after the summer heat.

These two elephants, Madee and Kannika, are older animals. They were rescued by the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand after being forced into labor. They were released into the sanctuary to enjoy their first ever natural bath. It might have been many years since they were allowed to play in the water.

And while these creatures don't have bath bombs, being able to dunk themselves in a giant stream is a luxury that these elephants didn't get before. They get to play and indulge in the water their own way!

Just watch how they spray water, mud, and dunk themselves in the river. There's something incredible about an animal being free to play and enjoy the cool water!

It's no wonder these magnificent creatures are going viral on ElephantNews YouTube channel. You can even follow Save Elephants on their Youtube Channel, and see more stories about adorable elephants.

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