15 Times Being An Only Child Kind Of Rocked

only child, family

No matter what you are always the favorite child.

1. Any time your parents got you something and you never had to share ANY of it.

2. The times you never had to compete for your parents attention.

The hugs and emotional suffocation were all YOURS. Muhahaha.

3. Any time your parents had house guests over.

You got REAL good at talking to adults because you were pretty much the center of attention at any barbecue, cocktail party, or family gathering.

4. Any time you went on a road trip with the family.

You got the whole backseat to yourself!

5. Any time you got assigned group projects.

It was like having pretend siblings for a whole semester!

6. Dinner time.

Literally no-one ever could steal your food.

7. Alone time as a kid was super fun, and you were never lonely with your books and imagination.

8. Because of all your alone time as a kid, alone time as an adult is the best ever.

Being able to go to a movie or have dinner by yourself it totally fine-- you got it on lock.

9. When you got to have friends over.

No annoying siblings crashing your party!

10. Christmas/ any holiday that involves gifts.

You never had to check if it was your present under the tree, you knew it was for you.

11. Picking a movie or what to watch on TV with your family.

12. The times that your friends were being compared to their siblings and you were all :

You never had anyone to compare yourself to!

13. When you went to college and had to share a room.

You never felt so weirdly excited to share something.

14. Your Birthday! —Your parents usually went all out for you.

And you never had to worry about siblings getting jealous.

15. Any significant event in your life--- EVERYONE was there!

Your parents didn't have to compete with other sibling's obligations, so they always just showed up for you!

And no matter what you are always the favorite child.