Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This Food Quiz, You've Got Minnesotan Roots


Eat some homemade ice cream in the snow!

Walleye, wild rice and Bundt cake could be the perfect meal. See how much you know about Minnesota cuisine by taking this quiz!

 Sep 04, 2017
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What kind of flatbread is local to Minnesota?
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Baked or fried __________ is a dish Minnesotans can always find on the menu.
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Minnesota locals get one of the best cookies from _________.
Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar
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What canned, precooked meat do people eat all the time in Minnesota?
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A ___________ is a burger with the cheese cooked inside the meat.
Veggie Patty
Juicy Lucy
Big Mac
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What do Minnesotans top off their hotdish with?
Tater tots
Tuna melt
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Minnesota locals eat a lot of _________, or deer meat.
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What kind of cake is baked in a ring-shaped pan?
Red velvet cake
Ice cream cake
Bundt cake
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What iconic Minnesotan fish dish is soaked in lye?
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For Minnesotans, ice cream is best when it's ___________.
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What chocolaty, peanut butter dessert is popular in Minnesota?
Chocolate crackles
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Minnesota locals often order what kind of rice with their meals?
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_______ apples originate from Minnesota.
Pink lady
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_______ are a Wisconsin classic, but Minnesotans love them just the same.
Fish sticks
Chick croquettes
Cheese curds
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What is one of the best places to get desserts in Minnesota?
Cafe Latté
The Purple Onion Café
Patisserie Margo
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