Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Season 6 Of Grey's Anatomy?

grey's anatomy

Season 6 was a loooooonnngg time ago? Do you remember everything that went down?

Trivia questions from season 6 of Grey's Anatomy, with everything from George's death to the merger with Mercy West to the hospital shooting.

 Nov 08, 2017
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What happens during the season premiere?
Derek dies
Denny Duquette
George's death
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Which character leaves the show during this season?
Alex Karev
Izzie Stevens
Miranda Bailey
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The hospital merger: Seattle Grace merges with ___.
Seattle Presbyterian
St. Ambrose Hospital
Mercy West Medical Center
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Who is a match for Thatcher's Grey's liver transplant?
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How does Derek become Chief?
He threatens to quit.
He tells the board that Richard has been drinking
Richard retires and appoints Derek as his replacement
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Who does Owen choose: Cristina or Teddy?
Neither, this is a trick question
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Mark discovers that he has a ___.
A daughter
Estranged wife
Rich uncle
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Who has a baby?
Sloan - Mark's Daughter.
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Who does Bailey begin dating?
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What happens at the end of the season?
Owen dies
Cristina has an ectopic pregnancy
There's a shooting at the hospital
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