Quiz: Can You Define All 13 of These Grey's Anatomy Words?

You've heard these words hundreds of times, but do you know their definitions?

 Apr 19, 2017
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Question: 1/13Define the word!

A medical specialty dealing with the skin and its diseases
Cutting into the abdomen
The surgical removal of the appendix

Question: 2/13Define the word!

Code Pink
A hospital code which indicates child/infant abduction
A hospital code which indicates a bomb is in the hospital
A hospital code which indicates someone needing resuscitation

Question: 3/13Define the word!

Drugs that act as painkillers
Heart muscle disease
A sonogram of the heart

Question: 4/13Define the word!

Gunshot wound
A surgical specialty that focuses on abdominal organs
Scale used to identify responsiveness following a head injury

Question: 5/13Define the word!

Insertion of a tube into the throat
Putting a patient in a tub
The spread of a disease from one area of the body to another

Question: 6/13Define the word!

Specialty focused on the nervous system (spinal cord the brain)
A medical specialty dealing with the skin and its diseases
Specialty concerned with conditions involving bones and muscle

Question: 7/13Define the word!

A condition in which a female has two uteruses
Generally refers to an IV
Mechanical device used to replace the function of a failing heart

Question: 8/13Define the word!

Parasites in the brain
Delivers liquid substances into the body
A small but extremely sharp knife used for surgery

Question: 9/13Define the word!

A sterile room where surgery is performed
After operation
Where the mail is held

Question: 10/13Define the word!

An abnormally high heart rate
A type of cancer
The surgical removal of one or both breasts

Question: 11/13Define the word!

Cancer in dogs
A localized, blood-filled, balloon-like bulge in the wall of a blood vessel
Appendix removal

Question: 12/13Define the word!

Not cancerous
A waste product
Heart muscles

Question: 13/13Define the word!

Epinephrine (Epi)
A type of stretcher used in hospitals and ambulances
A hormone released in the body in response to stress
A procedure performed to remove or disable the brain
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