Quiz: Can You Ace This Ultimate Grey's Anatomy Patient Quiz?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

So many patients, so little time.

Test your knowledge and see if you remember all of these patients and diagnoses from Grey's Anatomy.

 Feb 05, 2019

1 of 18First patient of the show: What was her name?

Annie Johnson
Jane Doe
Katie Bryce

2 of 18Choose your answer!

Who was Patient X?
Rebecca Pope
Miranda Bailey
Izzie Stevens

3 of 18What type of surgery did Joe the Bartender have?

Standstill operation
Whipple operation

4 of 18Choose your answer!

In season 3, a man comes to Seattle Grace because his body is turning into a ________.

5 of 18Why couldn't this paramedic remove her hand from the victim's chest cavity?

She's pumping his heart
She had her hand on a bomb
It's stuck in the victim's ribcage

6 of 18Choose your answer!

Alex had romantic interests with a patient named ________.

7 of 18What did this patient come to the hospital?

She had trouble seeing out of her left eye
She could hear inside her body
She's pregnant

8 of 18Choose your answer!

Which patient was Izzie Stevens in love with?
Richard Webber
Jerry Adams
Denny Duquette

9 of 18Who is this patient?


10 of 18Choose your answer!

Which doctor's mother was admitted to Grey Sloan after falling in the shower?

11 of 18Denny is waiting for a ___ transplant


12 of 18Choose your answer!

In season 11, a woman fakes _________ so that she can avoid breaking up with her boyfriend.
Passing out
Giving birth

13 of 18How did this guy get into this situation?

He fell out of a tree into wet concrete
He laid in a bed of wet concrete on a dare to impress a girl
He was hiking when a huge rock fell on him

14 of 18Choose your answer!

What happens when a man and woman (Tom and Bonnie) connected by a pole through their bodies comes into the ER?
They were able to save both patients
They are able to save Tom but not Bonnie
They are able to save Bonnie but not Tom

15 of 18What was Meredith's mother diagnosed with?

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Alzheimer's Disease
Crohn's Disease

16 of 18Choose your answer!

Meredith's stepmother dies on Meredith's table after she came in complaining of ________.
Back pain

17 of 18What did this patient use to saw off his foot?

A knife that he owned
A chainsaw that he stole
A scalpel he found in the hospital

18 of 18Choose your answer!

A man was treated by the Grey's doctors for shooting ________ into his head.
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