The 10 Struggles All Grey's Fans Are Having This Season

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As if we don't struggle every season.

1. Alex turning himself in for the whole DeLuca debacle.

Good thing that worked itself out early on in the season.

2. The entire Jo and Alex storyline, actually.

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If they would just communicate with each other things would be so much easier! Can we all agree on that?

3. We're still not over the death of Derek Shepherd.

Sure, we've had all of Season 12 to come to terms with the loss of Dr. McDreamy, but the hurt is definitely still there.

4. Also, watching Meredith move on.

Even though, yes, she totally deserves to find love again, just the possibility of Meredith moving on feels a little wrong somehow.

5. And the Maggie-Riggs-Meredith love triangle.

Still trying to sort out our feelings about this one.

6. The fact that Dr. Torres isn't around.

Why did she have to leave with Penny?! Struggling to comprehend.

7. This whole Amelia-Owen-child situation.

First, Cristina doesn't want to have a baby. And now Amelia doesn't want one either! I mean, can't Owen catch a break?!

8. Arizona's love interest.

Hate this a little or hate this a lot? The struggle is real.

9. The strangeness that was Episode 8.

Anyone feel like it was just a weird filler episode? Jury's still out on whether or not it was a filler episode or if it was great for character development.

10. How things are playing out for Richard.


With the doctors so divided, is Dr. Webber on a downhill spiral and on his way out of Grey Sloan Memorial?

What have you been struggling with most this season?