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Grey's Anatomy Fan Fiction and More!

Do you love Grey's Anatomy Fan Fiction, or Grey's Anatomy Fan Theories? Well, then we have just the list of Grey's Anatomy fan theories for you! This list ranks the best and worst Grey's Anatomy Fan theories, and even dives into the realm of straight up fan fiction! Do You have a theory or some grey's anatomy fan fiction to share? Leave it in the comments below!

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1. "For Love and Softball"

"Callie Torres and the rest of Team USA have their sights set on Olympic Gold. What happens when Team USA hopeful, Arizona Robbins, tryouts? Will she be a welcome addition? Or just another speedbump along their road to victory?"

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2. "Can't Help Falling in Love"

"Derek Shepherd, Neurosurgeon. Meredith Grey, first-grade teacher. What happens when their worlds collide?"

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3. "Stuck in the Middle"

"Mer and Der have 7 kids. What happens when one of them is in the middle?"

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4. "Stuck"

"The five interns and four attendings get stuck in the elevator. Chaos, drama, anger are let out and of course, Mark’s inappropriate comments are ever present."

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5. "Long Way Around"

"How a brownie changed the course of Callie's life."

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6. "Love Match"

"Professional tennis player Owen Hunt has a terrible reputation as a playboy. He sees a young woman at his matches but she seems to be uninterested in him or his game. This is his quest to win her over."

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7. "Seattle Grace Preparatory High School"

"Meredith Grey is just like any other teenager in high school: struggling to understand her mother, trying to pass Biology, making friends, and falling in love with the most unattainable guy at Seattle Grace Prep."

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8. "Half Love"

"Ellie Grey is a new resident at Seattle Grace...but will that fact that she's both Addison's best friend and Meredith's sister make things harder for everyone?"

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9. "Cinnamon"

"Alex and Addison have been ending up in supply closets together. But when Alex's feelings take a turn for the protective, problems arise."

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10. "Hello"

"Cristina Yang has returned to Seattle with her son in tow. Now world famous, she is the winner of the two Harper Avery awards. She was invited to demonstrate the Yang surgical method at Seattle Pres. She has not been in Seattle in four years. Her only ally in Seattle is her friend, Alex Karev, who is the boy's godfather. Other than Alex, she has no plans to contact anyone else."

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11. "Welcome to Miami"

"Owen Hunt, son of a hotel magnate, visits the Miami operations of his family's upscale hotel chain, to observe and learn some of the secrets of its success. Cristina is a hospitality management student, working a practicum, at the hotel for the summer. When they meet, it is a case of instant dislike on her part."

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12. "Obsessed Gone Crazy"

"April Kepner is in love with Derek Shepherd and figures the only way to get to him is to get Meredith out of the way."

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