18 Tweets That Are Too Real For All Dog Owners

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Twitter will always be there to let us know we aren't alone.

1. Meeting People On The Street

2. Making Weekend Plans

3. Knowing Who's Actually The Boss

4. "Storage Almost Full"

5. The Apocalypse Doesn't Care If You're On A Schedule

6. Going Above and Beyond

7. Wondering If Your Dog Understands The TV

8. Storing Dog-Related Items Wherever They'll Fit

9. Canceling Your Weekend Plans

10. Expecting The Unexpected

11. "Accidently" Spilling Food On The Floor

12. Asking Yourself How You'll Share Your Bed With Anyone Else

13. Being Overprotective

14. Wondering How Dogs Shed So Much

15. Finding New Excuses To Stay Home With Your Dog

16. Entertainment For Hours

17. Speaking Your Dog's Language

18. Can You Imagine Life Any Other Way?

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