We Can 100% Tell If You're Single Or Taken Based On 23 Totally Random Qs

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What's your status?

Are you free as a bird or off the market? Take this quiz and we'll attempt to guess your relationship status!

 Feb 27, 2018

1 of 23Pick one!

It's Friday night. What do you do after work?
Order a pizza and watch Netflix.
Get your weekend plans in order.
Where's happy hour?

2 of 23Pick one!

How do you listen to music?
On vinyl

3 of 23Pick one!

When you travel, where are you most likely to go?
A woodsy cabin
The big city
A tropical beach

4 of 23Pick one!

What quality is most important to you?

5 of 23Pick one!

What would be your preferred living situation?
With your significant other
With a roommate

6 of 23Pick one!

What kind of wedding would you like?
A Vegas quickie
A small affair with family and friends
A complete rager

7 of 23Pick one!

What city is your favorite?
San Francisco
New York

8 of 23Pick one!

What kind of pet do you have?
I don't have a pet

9 of 23Pick one!

What do you drive?
A hybrid
I don't have a car

10 of 23Pick one!

What is your favorite holiday?
New Year's Day

11 of 23Pick one!

What's an ideal night out for you?
Drinks with friends
A concert
Dinner and stroll

12 of 23Pick one!

What type of weather do you like?
Rain and lots of it
Let it snow
Hot and sunny

13 of 23Pick one!

A fantasy getaway would involve what?
A trip to Disneyland
Hiking the Great Wall Of China
A treehouse in a rainforest

14 of 23Pick one!

Favorite rom-com?
The Holiday
Crazy Silly Love
Punch Drunk Love

15 of 23Pick one!

Favorite binge food?
Mac and cheese
Chocolate anything

16 of 23Pick one!

Things you should never discuss on a first date?

17 of 23Pick one!

Favorite cocktail?
Moscow mule

18 of 23Pick one!

What's your favorite Sunday morning activity?
Sleeping in
Going for a run
Hitting the farmer's market

19 of 23Pick one!

You work where?
Behind a counter
In a cubicle
At home

20 of 23Pick one!

When you're sick what do you prefer?
To power through—you have work to do
The first sign of a sniffle and you're in bed
Rush to the doctor—it could be much worse!

21 of 23Pick one!

Your favorite show?
Game of Thrones
Black Mirror
This Is Us

22 of 23Pick one!

What is your favorite recording artist?
The Beatles
Cardi B
Taylor Swift

23 of 23Pick one!

What is your favorite flower?
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