Skiing Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Words Do You Know?

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Come on ski bunnies! Prove yourself!

Are you hitting the slopes this winter? Test your skills before you get to the resort by answering questions about skiing terminology!

 Jan 06, 2019

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What does "NSP" stand for?
National Ski Patrol
National Skiing Professionals
National Safety Patrol

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What is the name of a ski with a raised tail so you are able to land backwards called?
Twin tip ski
Two tip ski
Double tip ski

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In what type of skiing are you more likely to go over 100 Kilometers an hour?
Cross country

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Which event has only red gates?
Ski jumping

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A ski with a sidecut is known as a:
Powder ski
Racing ski
Parabolic ski

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What brand of ski is known for its rooster emblem?

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What is the term for a skier loses all his ski equipment during a fall, spreading it all over the slope?
Flea market
Yard sale
Garage sale

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A ski that is smaller in the middle and fatter on the ends is known as a:
Back cut
Front cut

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What is a Ski-Doo?
A regular sled
A powered sled with skis at the front and caterpillar tracks at the rear
A motorized snowboard

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The most difficult ski runs are known as what?
Triple red diamonds
Double black diamonds
Triple black hearts

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What is a "Poma"?
A type of snowboard
A surface lift
A type of ski

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What is the award for hazardous rescue by the NSP called?
Blue Merit Star
Gold Merit Star
Green Merit Star

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What is a "blown ACL"?
An injury to the knee
A bad aerial
A broken pole

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What is it called when you spin the opposite way you are used to?

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What hill is for beginners?
Mouse hill
Squirrel hill
Bunny hill

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"Eastern Boilerplate" describes what?
A classic ski race
Icy snow conditions
Awesome skiing

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Which of these are a type of snowboard binding?
Baseless bindings
Branch bindings
Book bindings

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Any area outside of resort boundaries and not patrolled or cleared of avalanche dangers is called:
The woods
Jungle country
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If you love to take to the slopes and ski or snowboard you know it's not easy to do, but once you finally stand up on skis and make it down the hill, you know you've really achieved something great! Skiing isn't for the weak of heart—you have to really know what you're doing. So, start here! Take this quiz to see if you know about the different types of skis you can use for different ways of mastering the sport and answer some fun but challenging questions about skiing!

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