Quiz: This Personality Quiz Will Reveal How Honest You ACTUALLY Are

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How honest are you anyway?

Are you completely honest, do you tell a few little white lies or are you a regular teller of tall tales? Take this quiz to find out!

 Apr 01, 2018

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Someone dropped their wallet in a store parking lot and you find it. What do you do?
Return it to the store immediately
Return it, but they won't miss a few bucks, will they?
Hey, it's nice leather wallet—and you can use the cash!

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When you go out to eat, the waitress leaves a dish off your tab. What do you do?
Point it out and offer her the money
Never mention it, and just tip her more than you would have
Pay and get out as quickly as possible

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You are given too much change when you go shopping. What do you do?
Return it—thee cashier could get in trouble
If there's a donation box nearby, drop it in
Celebrate your good fortune!

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A friend tries on an outfit that doesn't look good. What do you tell her?
You tell her she looks fantastic
You tell her it's definitely not her style
You tell her it's cute but suggest something even better

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You haven't had time to study and someone offers to help you cheat. What do you do?
No way—pass or fail, you're doing things on your own merit
Take them up on it—you can't fail
You at least want to hear HOW the person intends to help

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Someone left their headphones behind at Starbucks. What do you do?
Use them when you're sitting there, then give them to the barista.
Give them to the barista
Enjoy your brand-new-to-you headphones

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A co-worker took credit for something you know they didn't do. What do you do?
Tell the boss
Keep it to yourself—it's none of your business
Vent to other co-workers, and hope one of them speaks up

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What do you do after bumping and denting a car in the parking lot?
Look around and get out of there as quickly as possible
Leave a note
Try to rub out the paint scratch

9 of 21Pick one!

Someone gives you a gift you don't like. What do you do?
Tell them it the best thing you've ever seen
Tell them it's not your thing
Take it and regift it later

10 of 21Pick one!

A friend invites you over for dinner but can't really cook that well. What do you do?
Tell them the food is the best you've ever tasted
Go, grin and bear it
Tell them you are not a fan of their cooking

11 of 21Pick one!

You discover a mistake in your favor on your taxes. What do you do?
Recalculate it yourself in your favor
Hope no one notices and celebrate
Tell your tax preparer to fix it

12 of 21Pick one!

You broke a crystal bowl in a store. What do you do?
Fess up and offer to pay
Tell the cashier someone broke it, but not you
Run out and hope there's no surveillance cameras

13 of 21Pick one!

You have switched offices at work, but still have your old keys. What do you do with them?
Hold onto them—you might need them one day
Give them up
Yes—another snooping option!

14 of 21Pick one!

A friend left his cell phone in your car. What do you do?
Drop it off to him
Drop it off but take a peek at the photos and texts first
Keep the phone for yourself

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A friend gave you a concert ticket and needs to be paid back promptly. What do you do?
Pay them—that's the agreement you made
Tell them you're broke, you promise you'll pay them back soon
Avoid them—it's a freebie as far as your concerned!

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An older person drops money in front of you. What do you do?
Do everything to get their attention and hand it back
Half-heartedly yell "hey" a couple times—you can say you tried!
Keep it—you could use the cash

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You have a new entry level job—what do you tell people you do?
You give yourself a few more responsibilities than you have
You're running the show
What you really do—you're starting from the ground up

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You are fixing a friend's computer and have access to all their files. What do you do?
If you happen to see a couple of photos, what can it hurt?
Look through every file and email
Fix it and give it back

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You and your partner agree on a monthly budget but you go over. What do you do?
Tell them you went over
Say you just don't know what happened
Fudge the budget in your favor

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A friend leaves a jacket you love at your house. What do you do?
Return it
Keep it buried in your closet—it's yours now!
Wear it until you see your friend then return it

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Your trainer wants you to do 20 push ups while he takes a call. What do you do?
Do ten, that's good enough
Start moving
When he leaves, sit down and drink some water
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