Quiz: Think You’re Southern? Prove It By Scoring 10/15 On This Slang Test!


Y'all listen up!

If you're a true Southerner, you'll have no problem getting a high score on this Southern slang quiz!

 Nov 05, 2017
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What does "sit a spell" mean?
Sleep over
Spell out a word
Come and sit down for a little bit
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What does it mean when someone is "goin’ to town"?
They are getting angry
They are going into the city
They are doing something to the full extent
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What does "I suwanne!" mean?
I say
I see
I swear
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What's a "buggy"?
A horse drawn carriage
A sled
A shopping cart
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What does it mean when something "don’t hold water"?
It means it's too far away
It means it's too small
It means it's not logical
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What does it mean when someone is "plumb tuckered out"?
It means they're sad.
It means they're tired.
It mean's they're lonely.
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If you are "fit to be tied," you are ___________.
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If you're "fine and dandy," you're ____________.
Not happy
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What does it mean if you're "not the sharpest tool in the shed"?
You're not smart
You like to be alone
You're not happy
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If you're "lyin’ like a dawg on a rug" you are _______________.
A liar
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If "your ears must have been burnin" what's happening?
Someone was talking about you
You have an ear infection
You got caught gossiping
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"I'm stuffed as a tick!" means what?
You're angry
You're full
You're confused
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When it's "time to hunker down" what time is it?
Time to lay low
Time to sleep
Time to get down to business
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If something is "cattywampus" what is it?
15 of 15Pick Your Answer!
If you're "being ugly" what are you doing?
Being angry
Not looking good
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