Quiz: Only A Southerner Can Match All These SEC Schools To Their Mascots

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Three cheers for these adorable mascots!

Test your skills to see how well you know these great SEC teams and their wonderful and fun mascots!

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Mascots make the sports world go 'round. These fun-loving characters do their job, whether they be an animal or just a guy in a costume, to get the crowd pumped up for the big game ahead. And that's what anyone playing the game needs—a frenzied crowd of supporters cheering them on to victory!

The South Eastern Conference (SEC) teams have a long-standing tradition of rivalries, victories, and losses under their respective belts, not to mention rabid fans who attend every game to cheer them on and show their support—and that's where the mascots come into play.

The fourteen mascots that accompany the like-numbered teams on the playing field come in a variety of guises. From tigers (fake) to dogs (real) to even an alligator (thankfully, also a person in a costume) many of these mascots run, tumble, cheer and dance on the playing field—all with the intention of making those in the stands smile, laugh have a great time, and ultimately show their love for their team. And the real animals that don't have that ability are still much-loved and show up managing to look pretty cute in their school colors anyway.

This quiz asks that you identify the fourteen SEC mascots with their respective universities. If you're an SEC student, a member of the alumni or just a fan of the SEC, you'll have no problem identifying these mascots and the school to which they belong. Three cheers for you!

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