Quiz: How Much Useless Classic Movie Knowledge Do You Actually Have?

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Are you a film buff?

If you know everything there is to know about the actors, the characters, and the stories that make some movies classics, then this quiz is for you!

 Apr 20, 2018

1 of 20Name The Movie!

The Maltese Falcon
The Big Sleep

2 of 20Name The Actor!

John Wayne
George C. Scott
Rock Hudson

3 of 20Name The Movie!

Gone With The Wind
Cold Mountain

4 of 20Name The Actor!

William Holden
Cary Grant
Gregory Peck

5 of 20Name The Movie!

movies/tv, classic
Warner Bros. Studio
Singin' In The Rain
On The Town
An American In Paris

6 of 20Name The Movie!

All About Eve
Sullivan's Travels
All About Eve
Sunset Boulevard

7 of 20Name The Actress!

movies/tv, classic, celebs
Warner Bros. Studio
Gloria Swanson
Joan Crawford
Bette Davis

8 of 20Name The Movie!

Of Mice And Men
The Grapes Of Wrath
Cannery Row

9 of 20Name The Movie!

breakfast at tiffany's, audrey hepburn, classic, movies/tv
Paramount Pictures
Breakfast at Tiffany's
My Fair Lady
Roman Holiday

10 of 20Name The Actor!

movies/tv, classic, paul newman, celebs
MGM Studios
Paul Newman
Montgomery Clift
Steve McQueen

11 of 20Name The Movie!

movies/tv, classic movies
United Artists
The Apartment
The Odd Couple
Some Like It Hot

12 of 20Name The Movie!

Pulp Fiction
Cape Fear
Taxi Driver

13 of 20Name The Actor!

Robert Duvall
Al Pacino
Marlon Brando

14 of 20Name The Actress!

Jane Fonda, 80s, 70s, celeb
Jane Fonda
Goldie Hawn

15 of 20Name The Movie!

Warner Bros. Studio
All the President's Men
The Candidate

16 of 20Name The Actor!

Columbia Pictures
David Niven
Lee Marvin
Peter O'Toole

17 of 20Name The Actress!

movies/tv, doris day, celebs
MGM Studios
Jane Fonda
Doris Day
Jean Harlow

18 of 20Name The Movie!

sunset boulevard
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?
Red Dust
Sunset Boulevard

19 of 20Name The Movie!

movies/tv, elizabeth taylor, celebs
MGM Studios
Butterfield 8
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

20 of 20Name The Actor!

Rock Hudson, old hollywood, celebs
Cary Grant
James Stewart
Rock Hudson
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