Quiz: Can You Score At Least A 10/15 On This Southern Belle Challenge?

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Mint Julip, Anyone? What about a tall glass of sweet tea? Are you really as Southern as you think you are? Let's see if y'all have what it takes to be considered a true Southerner at heart!

Do you live and breathe the South? Love sweet tea and sweet potato pie? If you do, we have no doubt you'll ace this quiz!

 Oct 07, 2017
1 of 15Pick Your Answer!
What is a hushpuppy?
A dog breed
A fried ball of cornmeal
2 of 15Pick Your Answer!
What is a buggy?
A crazy person
A shopping cart
An insect
3 of 15Pick Your Answer!
What does “fat as a tick” mean?
An annoying person
Tired after a long day
Full after a good meal
4 of 15Pick Your Answer!
What is your drink of choice on a hot summer day?
Sweet Tea
Diet Coke
5 of 15Pick Your Answer!
What does “preaching to the choir” mean?
Making a point to someone who agrees with you
Saying your prayers
6 of 15Pick Your Answer!
What ingredient are you not afraid to cook with?
7 of 15Pick Your Answer!
You never leave the house without ____________.
Your phone
Fixing your hair and putting makeup on
Locking the door
8 of 15Pick Your Answer!
As a Southern belle, you always show impeccable ____________.
Driving Skills
9 of 15Pick Your Answer!
Which of these ingredients is not added to grits?
10 of 15Pick Your Answer!
What does "real frog strangler" mean?
A tough time
Hard rain
A disease that kills frogs
11 of 15Pick Your Answer!
When you talk about your "roots" what are you talking about?
Your hair color
Your garden
Where you're from
12 of 15Pick Your Answer!
At what point in a meal is a finger bowl properly served?
After the dessert
Before the dessert
Before the main course
13 of 15Pick Your Answer!
What kind of pie is your favorite?
Boston creme pie
Sweet potato pie
Apple pie
14 of 15Pick Your Answer!
What is a "hissy fit"?
A seizure
A mental breakdown
An angry outburst or tantrum
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What's most important to a Southern belle?
Owning a home
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