Quiz: Can You Match These 13 Historical Figures To Their Accomplishments?

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 Oct 13, 2017

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Jonas Salk
Discovered the cure for polio
Discovered the cure for smallpox
Discovered the cure for measles

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Albert Einstein
Introduced the Doppler effect
Introduced the Theory of Relativity
Introduced the Big Bang Theory

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William Shakespeare
Wrote plays and sonnets
Foretold the future

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Susan B. Anthony
Fought to lower the voting age
Fought for the women's right to vote
Fought for lower taxes

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Alexander Graham Bell
Invented the telephone
Invented the television
Invented the motion picture camera

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The Wright Brothers
Made the first transatlantic flight
Flew the first powered aircraft
Made the first helicopter

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Leonardo Da Vinci
Painted the Mona Lisa
Sculpted the Venus de Milo
Painted the Sistine Chapel

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Herman Melville
Wrote "Moby Dick"
Wrote "Tom Sawyer"
Wrote "A Christmas Carol"

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William Shatner
Starred in the original "Star Trek"
Starred in "A Streetcar Named Desire"
Starred in "The Munsters"

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Lady Godiva
Started the Suffragette movement
Campaigner for civil rights
Rode naked through the streets of Coventry

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Marie Curie
Discovered penecillin
Discovered the law of gravity
Discovered radium

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Jane Austen
Wrote "Pride and Prejudice"
Wrote "Romeo and Juliet"
Wrote "Frankenstein"

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Neil Armstrong
Was the first man to walk on the Moon
Was the first man to work at NASA
Was the first man to visit the International Space Station
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