Quiz: Can We Guess Your Intellectual Age Based On These Questions?

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How old are you, anyway?

Do you have years of study and a lifetime of knowledge stored in your brain? Take this quiz to see discover what your intellectual age actually is!

 May 13, 2018

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What book's first chapter is titled "Down the Rabbit-Hole"?
Alice In Wonderland
Where The Wild Things Are
The Cat In The Hat

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In "Happy Days" where did the gang hang out?
The Regal Beagle
Al's Drive In
Central Perk

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What is the Spanish word for navy?

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Who was the vice president during the presidency of Bill Clinton?
Al Gore
Joe Biden
Gerald Ford

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What is a dried plum?
A date
A prune
A raisin

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What was the last album recorded by The Beatles?
Rubber Soul
Abbey Road

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How many sides does a octagon have?

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What name is given to the metal bars running across the neck of a guitar?

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Which city is nicknamed "The Eternal City"?
New York

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Which state is Baltimore located in?

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Vermilion is a shade of which color?

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What did the letters in HBO stand for?
Hot Box Office
Home Box Office
Home Binge Online

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In "The Simpsons," Groundskeeper Willie comes from what country?

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What tube connects the larynx to the lungs?
The eustachian
The fallopian
The trachea

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What state capital took its name from the French for "red stick"?
Baton Rouge
St. Louis

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What type of snake is a Sidewinder?
Boa Constrictor

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What type of skin cancer starts after too much sun exposure?

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In which country is Angel Falls located?
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