Can You Ace This Noah's Ark Quiz, In Honor of The Blessing of the Animals?

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Are you new to Noah's story?

How well do you know the Old Testament story of Noah and the Ark and the Great Flood? Take this quiz to find out!

 Jan 22, 2019

1 of 18True or False:

Noah had a son named Shem.

2 of 18Choose Your Answer:

What type of wood did God instruct Noah to build the ark out of?

3 of 18Choose Your Answer:

What was Noah instructed to use to coat the ark?

4 of 18Choose Your Answer:

How many decks did the ark have?

5 of 18Choose Your Answer:

What type of species did Noah NOT take aboard?

6 of 18Choose Your Answer:

What was the first thing Noah did when the ark rested on the mountains?
Sent out a raven
Offered a sacrifice
Sent out a dove

7 of 18True or False:

God provided a rainbow to the public to show that he will never again destroy flesh with a flood.

8 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Why did the Lord decide to destroy mankind in a flood?
They had defiled God's temple
They had built idols to false gods
They had become wicked and had evil in their hearts

9 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Compared to the unclean animals, the clean animals went by how many?

10 of 18Choose Your Answer:

How big was Noah's ark?
50 cubits long, 5 cubits wide
300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide
100 cubits long, 10 cubits wide

11 of 18Choose Your Answer:

The unclean animals went by how many?

12 of 18Choose Your Answer:

How old was Noah when the flood began?

13 of 18Choose Your Answer:

How many people rode on the ark?

14 of 18Choose Your Answer:

How long did the rain last?
15 days
100 days
40 days

15 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Where did the ark come to rest after the flood?
Mount Sinai
Mount Wilson
Mount Ararat

16 of 18Choose Your Answer:

How long did Noah stay on the ark before the Lord told him it was time to get out?
40 days
Over a year
100 days

17 of 18Choose Your Answer:

What animal did Noah send out to see if the land was dry?
A dove
A canary
A parrot

18 of 18Choose Your Answer:

What was the first thing Noah built when he came out of the ark?
A house
A temple
An altar
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If you were born into the faith or learned about the teachings of the Old Testament along the way, we're sure the teachings have stuck with you throughout your life. In fact, we bet that you can rattle off the many books that make up the Bible! How about the story of Noah and the ark? Do you know the story of Noah and the ark from the Bible and what situation Noah found himself in? Do you know what the story is meant to teach us? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, you are a Christian in good standing. Test your wits and find out just how much the teachings of the Bible play a role in your everyday life!

If you grew up Christian, and you studied the Bible regularly or are a practicing member of your parish, if you pepper your conversations with your favorite Bible quotes or stories, if you know the Christian religion and its tenets like the back of your hand, show your love of God and your knowledge of the Good Book and the story of Noah and the ark by taking this fun and challenging quiz!

Sure, this quiz is fun and may look easy, but that doesn't mean it is easy! The 18 questions ask that you identify the different parts of the Noah and the ark story from the Bible. Give it a try and show the world how faithful you are. We bet it will be easy—you've got God on your side! Good luck!

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