Quiz: Only A Diehard Queen Fan Can Name All Of These Songs By One Lyric

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Will you "play the game"?

Do you consider yourself Queen's biggest fan? If you do, take this quiz to see if you can identify the group's songs by just one lyric!

 Aug 05, 2018
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Bands have come and gone over the past few decades, but there's few that have made their mark the way Queen has, and if your're the ultimate fan, you'll be able to identify the songs of Queen by just ONE lyric!

Since the early '70s, Queen impacted rock n' roll like few bands before them. Led by the flamboyant Freddie Mercury, Queen and its theatrical blend of hard rock resonated with fans right out of the gate, and love for the group has never really wained. Mercury died in 1991. While most bands don't survive such a huge loss, Queen did, and with the addition of American Idol winner Adam Lambert, the band continues to sell out stadiums to this day. Queen is still at the top of the game after almost five decades in the business!

Do you remember the songs of the band that rocked harder than most? Do you remember classics like "We Will Rock You," "We Are The Champions," "Bohemian Rhapsody," "Someone To Love," "Killer Queen" and so many more? If you said "yes" to those questions, test your musical knowledge and perfect memory of Queen and their song lyrics with this fun and challenging quiz.

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