Celebrate Yom Kippur With These 15 Holy Captions for Instagram


Are you atoning for your sins?

Best Yom Kippur Instagram Captions

In the Jewish religion, Yom Kippur is the “Day of Atonement." It's the day set aside for those of the faith to atone for their sins over the past year. Every year in the fall, this High Holy Day is one of the most somber on the calendar. It's a time of fasting and repentance. If you take part in the tradition that is Yom Kippur, post your best pics from the day with these inspirational Instagram captions. We've got you covered for Yom Kippur and all the holidays on the Jewish calendar!

Good Yom Kippur Instagram Captions

• Have a blessed Yom Kippur!

• Reflection, repentance, reconciliation

• G'mar Chatimah Tova!

• Fasting is food for the soul

Great Yom Kippur Instagram Captions

• Atonement in progress

• Fast, pray, love

• The fast way to forgiveness

• Shofar so good

• Keep calm and forgive me

Inspirational Insta Quotes About Yom Kippur

• "Every Yom Kippur, Jewish tradition requires a strict spiritual inventory. You aren't supposed to just sit around feeling guilty, but to take action in the real world to set things right."  – Naomi Wolf

• "Most people, including many Jews, think of Yom Kippur as a 25-hour caffeine headache capped off by a lox-and-bagels binge. It's undeniably that. But it is also, at its deepest level, a dry run. It is the one day of the year when we Jews are asked to look our mortality in the face." – Bari Weiss

• "It is that rarest of phenomena, a Jewish festival without food. Instead it is a day of fasting and prayer, introspection and self-judgment when, collectively and repeatedly, we confess our sins and pray to be written into God's Book of Life." – Jonathan Sacks

• "'Kol Nidrei' is probably the most important prayer in the Jewish religion. It comes on the evening of Yom Kippur. There are so many different renditions of it." – Itzhak Perlman

• ""The entire world is God's message of love to us. Yom Kippur is the time when we are most open to receive this message." – Rabbi Noah Weinberg

• "Just to be is a blessing. Just to live is holy." – Heschel

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