USC Trojans, Football Season Is Around the Corner so Use 16 IG Captions!

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Are you ready for football?

Best USC Trojans Instagram Captions

Who doesn't love football season? It's getting to be autumn — that time of year where we root for our favorite college teams, and if you're a USC Trojan fan, you probably get more excited than most because they're one of the best teams on the field every year! To show your love for the Trojans, we have some great Instagram captions to get you pumped for the upcoming season. Celebrate your team with tailgate parties and cheers as they edge their way toward victory, and for all things football and the mighty Trojans, we've got you covered!

Good USC Trojans Instagram Captions

• Destroy their day

• I'm a graceful lady until a Trojans game

• Trojans fans only

• Trojans y'all

• Live, love, Trojans

• Trojan nation

Great USC Trojans Instagram Captions

• Trojan time!

• It's game day

• Show your pride for the Trojan side

• Fight on to victory

• Don't Bruin your life

• Trojan pride

Fun Insta Quotes About The USC Trojans

• "Our offense will be predicated on speed, balance and power." — Steve Sarkisian

•  "If you can believe it, the mind can achieve it." — Ronnie Lott

• "This is home. I'm proud and honored to be the head coach of this team." –  Steve Sarkisian

•  "It's about us getting ready to play. It's not about the other team. We'll beat ourselves before they beat us. That's always our approach." — Pete Carroll

What is your favorite quote about the USC Trojans? We want to know!

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