Get Your Fun On When You Use 15 Tailgating Instagram Captions


It's never too late to tailgate!

Best Tailgating Instagram Captions

If you're a ride or die football or concert fanatic, we bet you tailgate for nearly every game or show! And what's not to love about tailgating? It's a chance to get together, make new friends, and party a bit before the big event!

Whether you're grilling or having a drink with friends, tailgating is a BIG part of the culture of sports or the music you're about to witness inside the stadium. If you take photos of your parking lot celebration, we have some great Instagram captions for you to use to show your fun to the world. Enjoy your pre-event fiesta—we've got you covered on social media!

Good Tailgating Instagram Captions

• BBQers get all up in your grill on game day

• There ain't no party like the pre-party

• Don't hate, tailgate

• We tailgate harder than your team plays

• It's football, y'all

Great Tailgating Instagram Captions

• See you later, tailgater

• Tailgates and touchdowns

• Tailgate buzz just sipping on suds

• Tailgates and beer is why we're here

• Tailgate team captain

Fun Insta Captions About Tailgating

• Tailgate and celebrate

• Game day!

• I was told there would be alcohol

• Tailgates and tanlines

• Sunday funday

What is your favorite tailgating quote? We want to know!

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