15 Purrfect Animal Costume Instagram Captions

Person in animal costume with balloons.
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Great Insta captions for your animal costume!

Best Animal Halloween Costume Instagram Captions

This year, your Halloween costume doesn't need to be spooky! You can insert a little animal magnetism into this Halloween, and we have just the perfect Instagram captions to compliment your look! On this and every holiday, Women.com has your Instagram needs covered! If you're searching for additional costume looks, and need a few more ideas for your photos, we are your go-to for all things Insta!

Good Animal Halloween Costume Instagram Captions

• Don't feed the animals

• Just a bit batty

• Dogcula

• Going ape on Halloween

• A Zoo-tiful Halloween

Great Animal Halloween Costume Instagram Captions

• Caution! Black cat crossing

• The purrrfect costume

• Animal magnetism

• Bat-tastic!

• Got catnip!

Fun Insta Captions For Your Animal Halloween Costume

• Cat got your tongue?

• Dangerous animal crossing

• A howlingly good time

• Things that go howl in the night

• Sending you bugs and hisses