Travel to Paradise and Share 15 Philippines IG Captions with Your Followers

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Unwind on the islands!

Best Philippines Instagram Captions

Located in Southeast Asia, with over 7000 islands to choose from, you'd be hard pressed to be bored in the Philippines. There's a bit of something for everyone who visits, from sandy white beaches with crystal clear water to a bustling capital city with vibrate nightlife. The Philippines is a must-visit destination, and when you go, you'll need the best Instagram captions to compliment your photos. That's where we come in!

Everyone that visits the Philippines ends up falling in love with its gorgeous landscapes and wonderful people. Are ready for your amazing Philippines adventure? Pack your bags—we've got you covered!

Good Philippines Instagram Captions

• Make it Manila

• Memories of Manila

• It's more fun in the Philippines

• Beach therapy in the Philippines

• Eat, beach, sleep, repeat

Great Philippines Instagram Captions

• The Philippines is calling, and I must go

• Manila bound

• Thankful for the Philippines

• The phenomenal Philippines

• Pinoy pride

Inspirational Philippines Instagram Quotes

• "Waiting to be saved in the Philippines"– Billy Bragg

• "Don't matter if I step on the scene, or sneak away to the Philippines" – Britney Spears

• "Fast cars first class to the Philippines" – Ciara

• 'I keep coming back to Manila, simply no place like Manila" – Hotdog

• "I say Philippines, yes, indeed" – Jackson 5

What is your favorite Philippines quote? We want to know!

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