Use These 15 One Word IG Captions for a Short & Sweet Post


Say it all one in one word!

Best One Word Instagram Captions

Chances are, you put your best foot forward when posting to social media, and you pick the right pictures and the words to compliment them. But, sometimes saying a little says more than you think! There may be those occasions where you want to use a few words as possible and let the pictures do the talking—that's really what Instagram is all about anyway, right?

That's where we come in! We've picked our favorite single words for you to use for your Instagram captions. They are some of the most inspirational in the English language and will fit a multitude of posts. If you have a problem finding just the right word to tell your story, we've got you covered!

Good One Word Instagram Captions

• Love

• Wish

• Hope

• Selfless

• Grace

Great One Word Instagram Captions

• Unplugged

• Lit

• Adventure

• Silence

• Mood

Inspirational Words That Make Great Insta Captions

• Inspire

• Smile

• Passion

• Freedom

• Wanderlust

What is your favorite one word quote? We want to know!

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