Pucker Up During Christmas With These 15 Mistletoe Instagram Captions

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Merry kissmas!

Best Mistletoe Instagram Captions

Christmas is coming and you know what that means—it's time to pucker up under the mistletoe! It's cuffing season, which means everyone curls up by the fire with eggnog and gets cozy together! There's no better time than to send love over social media with these romantic mistletoe Instagram captions. Make your pics warm fuzzy with this season's must have prop, and you'll be spreading cheer, and kisses, in no time!

Good Mistletoe Instagram Captions

• Christmas wishes and mistletoe kisses

• Meet me under the mistletoe

• What happens under the mistletoe stays under the mistletoe

• Holiday hugs and mistletoe kisses

• You know what to do under the mistletoe

Great Mistletoe Instagram Captions

• If kisses were a snowflake I'd send you a blizzard

• Keep calm and kiss me under the mistletoe

• 'Tis the season for mistletoe and making out

• You can kiss me whenever you want—no mistletoe needed

• Don't mistletoe me if you don't know me

Kiss Under Mistletoe With These Romantic Instagram Captions

• "I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus. Underneath the mistletoe last night." – Jimmy Boyd

• "I'll just be hanging around the mistletoe, waiting to be kissed." – Love Actually

• "But I'ma be under the mistletoe, With you, shawty with you" – Justin Bieber

• "The mistletoe's right here, Come give a kiss to Santa Claus" – Kanye West

• "I'm waitin' for ya, So here we go under the mistletoe" – Sia

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