16 Maggie Smith Quotes That Are So Regal You'll Feel Luxurious

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The great Dame!

Best Maggie Smith Quotes

Dame Maggie Smith has been acting in incredible roles for over fifty years, and is still at the top of her game as the The Dowager Countess of Downton Abbey. As Lady Violet Crawley, she has won three Emmys, a non-ensemble Screen Actors Guild Award and a Golden Globe award. While she may not be central to the show's cast, she certainly leaves an impression with grace and humor, as she always has. Check out some of her best quotes curated by us from her life as an actress to that of her character on Downton Abbey!

Good Maggie Smith Quotes

• "There's a difference between solitude and loneliness."

• "Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes."

• "Listen, I must be 110 by now. Granny is going to kick the bucket at some point."

• "Old people are scary. And I have to face it. I am old and I am scary."

• "When you get into the granny era, you're lucky to get anything."

Great Maggie Smith Quotes

• "I like the ephemeral thing about theatre, every performance is like a ghost - it's there and then it's gone."

• "People say it gets better but it doesn't. It just gets different, that's all."

• "I know there is something out there and like most people, I tend to believe in it more when things go bad."

• "I wanted to be a serious actress, but of course that didn't really happen."

• "I tend to head for what's amusing because a lot of things aren't happy. But usually you can find a funny side to practically anything."

Inspirational Quotes From Maggie Smith As Downton Abbey's Dowager Countess

• “Every woman goes down the aisle with half the story hidden.”

• “What is a weekend?”

• “Life is a game, where the player must appear ridiculous.”

• “Vulgarity is no substitute for wit.”

• “Don’t be defeatist, dear. It is very middle class.”

• “I don’t dislike him. I just don’t like him, which is quite different.”

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