Reflect On Some of Juice Wrld’s 15 Most Profound Lyrics

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Do you have Lucid Dreams?

Best Juice Wrld Lyrics

When rapper Juice Wrld passed away in December 2019, he left a huge void in hip hop. This Chicago artist known for his hit mixtape 'Wrld on Drugs' and album 'Death Race for Love' was on the rise and had legions of fans when his life ended at just 21-years-old. Celebrate Juice Wrld and his music by posting some of his greatest lyrics, which are often sad, funny, and deeply introspective. There's something for everyone in Juice Wrld's short but sweet catalog!

Good Juice Wrld Lyrics

• It ain't no deal, feel like I'm goin' crazy but still it took a lot to get me here

• Don't you dare forget me, I'm your fan, your poster's on my walls

• I don't feel like comin' to the phone today, Everyone should just leave me alone

• They tell me life is a riddle, I found the answers on her tongue in the middle of kissing

• My crazy thoughts and your crazy heart, As we hit the bridge, that's just the start

Great Juice Wrld Lyrics

• Ain't nothing like the feeling of uncertainty, the eeriness of silence

• I just walked in the building, Look like a million

• As far as I can tell, you're the only heaven here

• Every day's a party, don't let no one tell you different

• I'm a fight for your love, survival for real

Inspirational Lyrics From Juice Wrld

• Now your heart broken, you need a surgeon

• Wake up from a dream, She's my every, everything

• Like I could be someone other than myself, Like I could find a little heaven up in my hell

• You done woke me up from my eternal slumber, I'm the lightning, you're the thunder

• Everyday I be countin' up, countin' up the blues, Gotta win sometimes, when you always lose

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