You'll Love These Amazing Hip Hop Lyrics from French Montana

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"Unforgettable" lyrics from French Montana!

Best Hip Hop Lyrics from French Montana

Casablanca-born, Bronx rapper French Montana has a new album, Montana, riding high on the charts. Recorded with help from Cardi B, Post Malone, and Rvssian, this two-disc album features the classic tracks you've come to know and love from French. He has a vast catalog dating back a decade and experiments with all sorts of musical styles from pop to rock, jazz and beyond. Show your love for this underrated hip hop superstar by sharing some of his best lyrics on social media!

Good Hip Hop Lyrics from French Montana

• I told mama, "Pray for me", baby, wait here for me

• I wanna know if you can keep up, I wanna drink out of the same cup with you

• Took my ground from the pavement and aimed it at the stars

• Never had a job, but we sitting on a mil'

• Needle in a haystack with fire in my fragrance

Great Hip Hop Lyrics from French Montana

• Yeah, two open seats, we flyin' at seven and packed for the beach

• Closet lookin' like Milan Fashion Week, I got you

• You see the writing on the wall, Hold onto me and I'ma hold ya

• You know I work dirty, got 'em higher than a parasail

• Got a big money scheme, we ain't ever gettin' caught

Fun French Montana Lyrics

• Foreign cars ain't rented, Drop tops, jump in it

• No man's a forest even if he tries to be one

• Watching your body like a yardie, Turned it to the max, that's word to Charlie

• I know you just a lil' problem, I can deal with ya

• Came form the bottom like loose change, huh?

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