If You Can’t Finish These 18 Southern Phrases, You Must Be a Yankee

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Y'all come back, ya hear?

Are you a true Southerner or a Yankee in disguise? Take this quiz and find out how well you now these Southern sayings! You might surprise yourself!

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The American South is known as a place of kind people with a rich culture and history. To outsiders, folks from the area have some of the most unusual slang terms in the country. If you're from the South, your way of speaking reflects your home wherever you go. Your character and your voice were created in that part of the world, and your charm, how you carry yourself and the adorably funny slang terms and phrases you frequently say make everyone stop and take notice.

Southern slang is colorful, warm, and mostly easy to understand—that is, if you're from that part of the country. But some phrases and words confuse the listener and make people that don't know the area scratch their heads and ask, "what does that mean?" If you're a Southerner by birth or at heart, you'll be able to understand and use these colloquialisms properly.

Do you know what it means when someone has a "burr in his saddle" or is as busy as a "one-legged cat in a sandbox"? Do you know which beverage southerners refer to as a "sweet tea"? Do you know what it means when something "doesn't amount to a hill of beans"? Do you know what it means when someone is having a "hissy fit"? Lord willing, we sure hope you do. So, settle in and take this quiz to see how well you can answer the 18 questions on Southern slang, phrases, and words. We know you can ace it!

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