Only A Book Worm Could Ace This Difficult Literature Quiz. Can You?

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Do you remember the classics? Test yourself!

If you love classic novels, test your skills by answering these questions about the greatest books that English literature has to offer!

 Oct 07, 2018

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In Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray," how does Dorian destroy the cursed portrait?
He stabs it with a knife
He sets it on fire
He rips it up

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Who wrote "Slaughterhouse Five"?
Kurt Vonnegut
JD Salinger
TS Elliot

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Which novel opens and closes with the letters of Robert Walton?
The Great Gatsby

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In what book was Hester Prynne forced to wear the letter "A" for committing adultery?
The Scarlet Letter
Little House On The Prairie
The Crucible

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What is the name of the book Louisa May Alcott wrote about the March sisters growing up in the American Civil War?
Pride and Prejudice
Jane Eyre
Little Women

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Atticus Finch, Scout, Jem, and Boo Radley are characters from what novel?
The Catcher In The Rye
To Kill A Mockingbird
In Cold Blood

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George and Lenny are two migrant workers in what John Steinbeck novel?
Cannery Row
Of Mice And Men
The Grapes Of Wrath

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Who is the author of "The Great Gatsby"?
William Faulkner
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Ernest Hemingway

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In which Jane Austen novel does the Bennet family appear?
Pride and Prejudice
Wuthering Heights
Jane Eyre

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Which novel follows a group of boys stranded on an uninhabited island?
Lord of the Flies
Gulliver's Travels
The Outsiders

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"The Modern Prometheus" is the subtitle of which famous horror novel?
Animal Farm
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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Holden Caufield is the central character of which novel?
Lord of the Flies
The Catcher In The Rye

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Which novel involves a government-led experiment called "The Ludovico Technique"?
Farenheit 451
A Clockwork Orange

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Who wrote "Great Expectations"?
T. S. Eliot
James Joyce
Charles Dickens

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Which famous Spanish writer wrote Don Quixote?
Federico Garcia Lorca
Gabriel García Márquez
Miguel Cervantes

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Who wrote "Lord of the Flies"?
William Golding
Mario Puzo
Mark Twain

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Which novel was famous for depicting a dystopian society that burned books?
Fahrenheit 451

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Which Shakespearean tragedy takes place in Scotland?
King Lear
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You know them and we KNOW you love them! We're talking about classic novels, and this quiz is dedicated to some of your favorites!

Before some of us even had real friends, these characters and stories from classic books were our first pals! They were friends we related to and learned from. Their tales were timeless—we cried at their losses and relished in their victories. When we grew up, we never forgot them! We took the lessons we learned from them and integrated them into our adult lives. They made us better and smarter people. So, let's acknowledge them once more and give them a hand by taking this quiz to see how many of them we really remember! The eighteen questions in this quiz will have you identify the stories and characters of some timeless novels! If you are a voracious reader, you'll be able to identify your favorites! Are you up for the challenge? Let's find out!

By playing a quiz, you will not only enjoy yourself, but you'll work your mind out too! You may even be exposing it to new things and while you probably know all the answers here—we believe you're a trivia whiz, after all—there is a chance you may learn something you DIDN'T know in high school. Everyone can use a little extra knowledge, don't you think? We sure do! We believe in you, and we have no doubt you'll ace these fun but challenging trivia questions! Good luck!